Although the direct insights gained from testing were definitely helpful, I feel like the real reward from the whole process came from the interaction with Debbie.

The services that Debbie provided to me have benefited me in numerous ways. She has helped me to be the very best version of myself as a leader, project manager, and whole person.  Project Manager

I always leave my coaching sessions feeling energized, focused and on a mission. It’s helped me identify my strengths and realign my thoughts on leadership; focus on and work toward goals and objectives; and achieve clarity for want I want in life. As a result, I’m more confident and engaged than before. Consultant

Deborah. I was pleased with your coaching. I think that our staff knows and understands each other better and it has promoted unity in our office. Business Owner

We hired Debbie to bring us together. She was excellent at flushing out pretenses of our imaginations that were incorrect, as well as, high lighting areas of strengths and comfort in each of our respective personalities, to further understand one another.  Her methods did bring unity within our staff and improved overall production. Team Leader

Deborah has provided tools that have helped me expand what I see within my team and within the organization, which leads to making the best decision. Administrative Leader

As a former professional athlete, I always had a coach to help me be the best me. The sport of business, to me, is the toughest sport out there. I am shocked that not every business owner has a coach. Debbie Davis has helped our business tremendously in the areas of leadership and leveraging individual strengths to move our company forward as a team. Hiring a coach is an excellent investment. Hiring Debbie Davis is the best investment we’ve made in our company this year. Business Owner

I have had relationship coaches, personal coaches and business coaches.  In all scenarios, the common denominator was that I had the opportunity to bounce my ideas and vision off my coaches and they helped me to examine the idea, put an action plan together regarding the idea, and then take the necessary steps to execute the idea.  Further, the accountability aspect of the coach experience, helped me to follow through and be successful. Vice President of Non-Profit

I highly recommend investing in yourself by hiring a coach, you will learn so much about yourself and it will without a doubt improve you in several different areas in your life. Life Long Learner, Parent, Young Professional

 I hired Debbie Davis to help with a change in career. She helped me outline a 90 Day plan to keep me ahead of the curve, helped me understand my strengths, and provided resources/insight to aid in areas of weakness. Working with Debbie has helped make a smooth transition, increase my confidence and think beyond myself. Recruiting Manager